Vinyl comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and textures. From elegant marble designs to rich granite visuals, they offer an affordable alternative to the natural products.

Vinyl plank floors offer a great alternative to wood, or laminate floors. The wood grain realism is dramatically enhanced with their special textured finish. Sheet vinyl flooring is one of the most technologically advanced vinyl floors and offers a whole new dimension in durability and realism for vinyl flooring.

Ideally suited for hospitals, healthcare environments, restaurants, retail stores, offices and residences. Solid vinyl construction is ideal for installations where heavy rolling loads are present, and can be installed with cold welded or heat welded seams.

Here at Bryston’s Flooring & Design, we insure the highest quality of vinyl flooring available. The hard, resilient, textured vinyl surfaces are virtually scuff resistant, stain resistant, and slip resistant, even when wet. All of our products are acoustically friendly, having low sound reaction to footsteps and items dropped on the floor. With all these great attributes, luxury vinyl flooring is still less expensive than most other hard surface, floor coverings.

We carry a wide range of exciting colors and textures from slates, marbles, shales, granites, quarries, and solid colors. It’s practicality is unsurpassed when it comes to manufacturing, ease of installation and maintenance. Each tile is composed of pure vinyl laminate fused under extreme heat and pressure. Guaranteed to stay dimensionally stable, withstand normal wear, maintain their true color, resist most household chemicals, and never need waxing.

Step onto the future and enjoy the beauty of natural textures and colors and the advantage of modern technology with your luxury vinyl tile flooring.