With bamboo, the grass is truly green! Bamboo is gaining in popularity as the world’s great “green” flooring option. Each individual plant is so resilient that harvesting does not deter further growth. A mature bamboo plant is ready to be harvested again after a six to eight years growing cycle, making it a very renewable resource. Actually derived from a type of grass, not a tree, bamboo flooring is durable as well as decorative, offering a unique look for any interior. In addition, bamboo flooring stands as a more inexpensive alternative to many traditional hardwoods. Many bamboo floors are actually harder and stronger than traditional hardwoods like oak. Available in different styles and colors, bamboo is distinctive flooring that will stand as an attractive feature in any interior.

For a choice in styles, you have your choice of horizontal-cut, offering wider strips, and vertical-cut bamboo, which offers a narrow-strip look. The horizontal-cut style also shows the distinctive growth ring or “knuckle” of the bamboo stalk on the flooring surface.